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Do Life. Be You!

If you have any questions about Do Life. Be You!, who we are, what we do - you have landed on the right page!

 My mission is to help small business owners and entrepreneurs overcome their technology struggles and get their ideas out to the world. I've always had an interest in technology, from high tech to low tech - from building a solar power car in elementary school to owning the iPhone the minute it hit the shelf ... yes, I may have even camped out for an upgrade or two.

  I know for some, technology can be scary and intimidating. I've never found it that way, and while I didn't study it in school, I've always been the go-to person to troubleshoot technology issues. It's been a hobby for a long time. I'm grateful to now be in a position where I can help others by sharing my passion and interest in technology and helping them get their ideas out to the world.

Meet Adrienne

Adrienne Mitford

I learned a few years ago that life is to short too do anything less than follow your passion. Now, I help small business owners and entrepreneurs do the same. Whether creating content for social media, launching a new course, or editing your podcast, I help women overcome their struggles with technology, so they can shine in their zone of genius and focus on the work they love. 

When I'm not sitting at the computer or meeting with a client, I enjoy the outdoors - running, hiking, kayaking. My goal is to host retreats where we can explore the outdoors, while also working on the technology needed to run our businesses.

Find Adrienne on Podcasts

Don't Keep Your Day Job

Adrienne was featured on the May 14 episode of Don't Keep Your Day Job with Cathy Heller, where she shared her story of getting started with building a business.

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The Sip & Sort Podcast

Adrienne talks about bridging the gap between technology and getting your ideas out to the world as an entrepreneur. Learn about her favorite platforms for connecting with people.

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